Reflecting on year

Reflecting on the year

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Good morning. How are you? Edward Plant here from Lead A Better Business. I’m just being down in my local beach and been here for a run and swim. I took an opportunity to sit down and just reflect for a few minutes and started reviewing some of the things we’ve done this year and how we’re looking forward next year.

It triggered me to reach out to you guys and just say what do you guys do in preparation for the next year? And what do you do to review the year just gone? Are you sitting there going – yeah it was an okay year, could have been better, there are few ups and downs. Maybe you achieved some great things but you just missed out on a few things regardless on what your case is what do you do to make sure you’re not in the same position in 12 months time. How do you make sure you take all your lessons from the year just gone and drag them into the year forward. Really worth taking some time now at this busy time of the year to set your selves up for the next year.

If you do, you could have an amazing year. If you don’t, you could have find yourself in the same position in 12 months time going yeah it was okay, could have been better or you could have ended up 12 months straight in order and not really getting the results you want. If you want some support changing that drop us a comment let us know and we’d love to help you make sure that your next year is your best year ever.

Have a good one down into Christmas and will chat to you soon.


 Click Here – Early Registration for Tuesday 20 January 20 15 webinar

4 Reasons You Don't Have Enough Time

4 reasons you don't have enough time“Time is Money”, said Benjamin Franklin.

Never a truer statement is there for a business owner in today’s fast-moving world than that one.

The more efficient you are with your time, the more profit you can create.

And here’s the fact:  Time is also something that is limited, whereas money is not.We will only

ever have 168 hours each week to do what we need to.  That is 168 hours to pack in all of our to-dos,calls and meetings, as well as that little thing we called ‘life’.It is how we spend that

time that will determine our level of success and whether we will be among the business greats

or continue where we are today.Found yourself wondering where all that time goes? Take a look

at the four most common reasons why you just can’t get enough.