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1 Strategy to Increase Revenue

1 strategy

Today I have one simple strategy for you. It’s not complicated and if you do it well it will drive and change a drive and increase the monthly revenue of your business.

Hi, it’s Edward Plant here from Lead A Better Business. Today, I have one simple strategy that can drive growth in your business. It’s not really complicated, it will not take a lot of time and it can give you increase results in terms of revenue for your business.

So what I know for a fact that a lot of business owners can get caught in delivering their goods or products. I got a heaps of customer and they start doing that . What happens when that happens is they start taking their focus of new sales and the business starts to plateau . Now I can tell very quickly if the business is stagnant or into growth and it’s a simple thing. The key to it is that your business revenue is driven by your calendar.

The reality is if your team doesn’t spend time in sales or in marketing your business will become stagnant. The flip of that and the simple strategy for you is to put more time to sales and marketing spend more time on them. If you want to increase the growth i your business get your calendar right now and look how much time you have been spending on that area and increase it. Block a day block out half a day, get more staff members doing more, they may need to do some trainings, they may need to assess some sales process that you have. Whatever it is, start doing more work, allocate more time on it and do more time on sales and you will drive growth in your business.

I know it sounds simple but quite often the simple things are the best things that’s what we like to do.What I wanted to know from you is what do you need to do to block out some time and what impact will this have on your sales. Edward Plant signing off for Lead A Better Business.

What is Business Strategy

Amateur Strategy VS Professional Strategy

Amateure Strategy vs Professional Strategy

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Hi it’s Edward Plant here from Lead A Better Business. I wanted to jump in to your inbox through another medium through the audio through sound. Just a changeup force here in Lead A Better Business. What I specifically wanted to talk to you today was about amateur strategy vs professional strategy. I’ve been talking to business owners over the last 6 months we’ve recognized that there’s a few problem that they’re in reactive, they don’t have enough time and they continually putting up fires.

What we want them to be doing really and what you all gonna want to be in a position to do is to be in proactively. Where you know what’s happening, you’ve got time to do with emergencies; your staff are all running away doing an delivering to a high standard and your business is in flow. The difference in this 2 different scenario is the difference from amateur strategy to professional strategy.Amateur strategy covers everything. An example of it is recruiting a lot of businesses go recruitment. I need staff member today, advertise, screen, interview, bring on board, 3 months down the track they go , this employee is awful.

The flip of it professional strategy having a good recruitment process that makes it easy for the business owner select a high quality candidate that they’re on boarding to their business through a structured induction and align the staff member with the vision and values of the business end up with the dream candidate that’s not after on the next paying check they’re invested in a long term success of that business.Now they’re results we actually get from our clients and are very real. It doesn’t matter if you’re recruiting or not recruiting, it’s just a medium here for us to talk about the difference between amateur strategy and professional strategy. The bottom line is, when gut feeling that you probably have some areas in your business that shows your amateur strategy, Let us know if that’s then case .

We’d love to hear if where they are and what they are that would be great for you to share it, if you do want to start looking at how get a bit more professional strategy of your business. There’s a contact form on this page jump on and book it through for 15 minutes and we can look at a one key area of your business an how to turn in from an amateur strategy into a professional strategy. 5 minutes and you’ll see amazing results.

I’m Edward Plant from Lead A Better Business, hope this has been helpful and I hope to see more professional strategy out there in your business.


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3 Ways for your Business to Work without YOU

To register for the “How to Lead and Grow your Business Strategically” Workshop on Wed 12th November, from 9am to 1230pm please book in here.

Hi, Edward Plant here from Lead A Better Business. I’ve been talking to business owners recently and the same themes are coming up in regards to challenges they are facing. These challenges are around growth, amateur strategy, time, reactivity and staff.

In our Lead A Better Programs we worked with business owners to introduce professional strategy to create a sustainable culture that drives growth for that business. Now there are 3 ways for you to get your business to you in a place where it runs, functions and grows without you and I want to share those to you today.

  1. ENDURANCE – It is having strategies in place that drive your business to achieving your metric of success or to achieve what you want. It’s getting you out of reactivity It’s getting you out of dealing your problems now and having no time for being on the business you’re always in the business.
  2. ESSENSE – Getting your business in that happy flow place creating the culture that gets your business just humming. Get you out of problems, challenges, stress and into flow.
  3. ENERGY –We’re specifically talking about the people, the progression creating the environment that makes your systems work the systems, the processes and how those people implement all of those on a day today basis that keeps driving your business towards growth.

If we have all of those, we can create dollars in your business and the Legacy for you, your family and your staff in your community for your business.

So if these are things you need more of your business we’ve got a half day workshop coming up on the 12th of November that’s just gonna be right up your riley. In that we’re gonna reveal some of the secretes that we use with our clients to get them results such as 80% increase in revenue increasing staff about 25 % working less in the business and more at home. If they’re sort of results that you’d like to see a bit more of then check out the link below, register for the workshop and we look forward to seeing you there. Have a great day!

To register for the “How to Lead and Grow your Business Strategically” Workshop on Wed 12th November, from 9am to 1230pm please book in here .