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Free 4 – Part Video Course

Through working with 100s of business owners over the past few years, the first things we hear when we ask ‘how is business doing?’, is:

  • We’re not getting enough sales (or more specifically, our issue is ‘cashflow’)
  • I’m spending way too much time working in my business
  • It’s so hard to find good staff

With the result of these challenges meaning business is 100% reliant on you being there and working on the job.

Sound familiar?

When we ask what they want things to look like, they say:

  • More sales and positive cashflow
  • A huge move away from “doing the job”, or being ‘in the business’
  • Staff that consistently and predictably do their job with little input on basic tasks.

Time and time again, we hear that business people just like you really want a steady stream of cash, products that move themselves and more time off or time out.

You want to become non-essential in a business that profitably runs itself.

So, in response to these business patterns, we’ve designed a 4-part video series. It’s aim is to arm you with some quality tools to move you to being non-essential in your business – we want to make you jobless, if that’s what you desire!

In the series, we look at strategies:

  • to increase your business revenue by 10%
  • to free up to 10 hours a week
  • to make sure you know just how to drive the growth of your business consistently.

And we go deep on the 3 key elements to making it all happen:

  1. Increase cash and profitability – We all want more cash
  2. Get the RIGHT systems in place – So that you have a control over the deliverables of your business
  3. Have Confidence – The confidence to be able to lead your business, to be able to remove yourself, knowing it will deliver the same quality and result, time and time again.

What Leadership Means To Your Business

Leadershi Blog

Find outHi it’s Edward Plant here from Lead A Better Business. I hope you’re well. I’ve just arrived in Sydney for a couple of days work and I wanted to touch base with you. I’ve just arrive at the beautiful Palm Beach and as you can see it’s a great location except that I’ve brought the Gold Coast wet weather with us.

I’ve taken a moment to come down to the jetty and it triggered something in relation to LEADERSHIP for me. And I’d like to talk to you about that – now. Seeing the boat in front of me off this small jetty reminded me what leadership is really about. If your business is your ship, what business owners tend to do is get caught in the currents, the winds blow and they’re taken in heaps of different directions. So what business owners really need to do is lead their ship. Leadership is really three words: Break it down; to Lead – the – Ship. Leadership that’s what you need to do Lead Your Ship. Your ship being your business. You need to make sure your business is going in the right direction, make sure that the crew are all working together to get the sails up and humming. You need to lead and make sure that all your passengers have an amazing ride on your ship. That’s what you need to be doing in your business. Lead your ship it’s quite simple really.

What I would like to know is what you need to do more of to get your ship going in the right direction and to really step up and lead the ship.

I’m Edward Plant from Lead A Better Business.

I just wanted to drop in to give you that little leadership tip for you to think about for the rest of the day.


Find out more about Leadership and develop a Battle Plan to overcome your staff, time and money challenges at our 1/2 Day Workshop.

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1 Strategy to Increase Revenue

1 strategy

Today I have one simple strategy for you. It’s not complicated and if you do it well it will drive and change a drive and increase the monthly revenue of your business.

Hi, it’s Edward Plant here from Lead A Better Business. Today, I have one simple strategy that can drive growth in your business. It’s not really complicated, it will not take a lot of time and it can give you increase results in terms of revenue for your business.

So what I know for a fact that a lot of business owners can get caught in delivering their goods or products. I got a heaps of customer and they start doing that . What happens when that happens is they start taking their focus of new sales and the business starts to plateau . Now I can tell very quickly if the business is stagnant or into growth and it’s a simple thing. The key to it is that your business revenue is driven by your calendar.

The reality is if your team doesn’t spend time in sales or in marketing your business will become stagnant. The flip of that and the simple strategy for you is to put more time to sales and marketing spend more time on them. If you want to increase the growth i your business get your calendar right now and look how much time you have been spending on that area and increase it. Block a day block out half a day, get more staff members doing more, they may need to do some trainings, they may need to assess some sales process that you have. Whatever it is, start doing more work, allocate more time on it and do more time on sales and you will drive growth in your business.

I know it sounds simple but quite often the simple things are the best things that’s what we like to do.What I wanted to know from you is what do you need to do to block out some time and what impact will this have on your sales. Edward Plant signing off for Lead A Better Business.