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Profile: Edward Plant, Director, Head Coach – Lead Better

“A clear objective and strong leadership can change the course of any business

Edward Plant Lead a better businessDuring the course of his 17 year career as an Officer in the Australian Defence Force, Edward Plant learned the value of focus, considered decision making and leadership. Renowned for their world-class training programs, the ADF recognised Edward’s natural skill as a leader early, and as he rose through the ranks he became an expert in innovative leadership, passing on his experience and knowledge to men and women from all walks of life.

Turning his back on what many would call a ‘sure thing’ career trajectory, Edward left the ADF to turn his skill and expertise to the private sector, creating Lead Better with his wife Rebecca.
Since starting Lead Better, Edward and Rebecca have worked with hundreds of businesses, supporting business owners improve all aspects of their enterprise, from staff morale, their own job satisfaction, customer perception, and of course, the bottom line – profitability.

“I have never met a business owner who I thought I couldn’t help,” Edward says. “And the good news is, it isn’t difficult to learn and implement key strategies which will change a business’s bottom line.

“What we teach is more than just how to make your business more profitable; it’s not all about money, it’s about making your business work for you.

“My goal with my clients is to have them excited about their business, but not chained to it. I work with them to create strategies unique to their business and circumstances that will allow them to grow their business, and at the same time, free up their time so they are getting more out of life.”

Through Lead Better, Edward’s training has helped businesses in sectors from manufacturing to retail, to, engineering to banking.


Profile: Rebecca Plant, Director, Head of Marketing and Communications – Lead Better

If you work for someone else, you need to be irreplaceable, if you work for yourself you want the opposite – you need to be replaceable.”

Rebecca Plant Lead a better businessA respected name in news, marketing, training and communications, Rebecca Plant is clear on what she wants for her clients: time. Time to pursue their passions outside their business, time to stop and give their business the consideration it needs to thrive, time to focus on the future they want for themselves, and time to make that future a reality.

Rebecca’s impressive career in media, asset management technology and non-profit PR has exposed her to all levels of management, from the front line workers to the CEO, in a huge variety of industries, including law, health care, tourism, insurance, arts and manufacturing. Her sought-after skills and energetic and innovative approach to business management has seen her in demand both in Australia and internationally.
Together with her husband Edward, Rebecca created Lead Better, to help business owners reach their potential, improve the profitability of their business, and in turn the quality of their lives.

“There used to be a perception that in order to be successful you had to be chained to your business, working 12 hour days, every day,” Rebecca says. “That simply isn’t the case now. In fact, in order for your business to thrive, you need to devote time to yourself and your family, outside of the business.

“Of course, you can’t just close up shop for a few hours and expect business to boom. The strategies and processes we give our clients help them work smarter, not longer. 
“We teach leadership and strategy so our clients can spend time away from their business, and trust it will be running smoothly.

“Strategy is everything. It means you can be proactive instead of reactive. And that is the first and most important step you can take for your business.”

Her long list of loyal clients who return for ongoing training is a testament to the success of the Lead Better strategies.